Poet’s Day In

Poet's Day In: Readings every third Saturday, over video chat.

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Upcoming Date & Time Agenda
9/18/21, 10:30am & 11:20am PT Open Reading - Sign Up Here

Poetry Community Bulletin Board
Hear Benjamin Daniel Lawless on a weekly podcast about science and science fiction: The Science Faction Podcast.
J. (StarLitWriter) has a Patreon! Read some of her writing and watch or listen to some of her performances.
Ivan BrownOtter’s posthumous collection of poetry is currently being put together. More info will be shared on this as it releases.

  List of Previous Featured Readers
6/19/21 Joseph Ross - Author of Raising King, ACHE, and others, in honor of Juneteenth. More about Joseph on his website.
10/17/20 Evy Cole - Author of Consider.
9/19/20 Leslie St. John - Author of Beauty Like a Rope. More about Leslie on her website.