Who On Earth

by Michael Hannon



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44 pages, August 2012
Published by Word Palace Press
Designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless

“A very good poet indeed, and certainly one of the few Tantric writers in any language who is both profound and witty.”
~ Kenneth Rexroth

These poems were selected from a series of three letterpress chapbooks published and printed by Jerry Reddan at Tangram, in Berkeley, California between the years 2003 and 2010.

“Michael Hannon’s poems are full of the resonance that comes only from an understanding of silence. His poems are self-revelatory, humane, and seamless, good in the ear like a kiss that brings the blush of understanding, the kind of poems one wants to lift out of a book and into memory.”
~ Sam Hamill

“He writes a fine longer lyrical poem and is equally master of the short. His tone is the heart, the warm praise of inevitable and appalling things.”
~ Lee Perron

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Published by Word Palace Press, designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless