War & Whispers

by Marguerite Costigan



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73 pages, October 2016
Published by Penciled In
Designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless

2015-2016 San Luis Obispo County Poet Laureate’s second book. “Costigan has had no choice but to take it all in… amid news of violence without end: 9/11, Oklahoma City, Darfur, Iraq (‘There’s enough war going around for everyone. If we live, we become, all of us, veterans’) – but rather than rage or despair in her nakedness she makes a haunting music.” (Michael Harris)


"Rock & Fire, the landmark book by SLO County Poet Laureate Marguerite Costigan is as burning as creation itself, as solid as granite. This book makes you proud to be a celebrant of the genesis of poetry and a survivor of the Big Bang."
— Glenna Luschei, Owner/Publisher, Solo Press

"And at last we hold in our hands a book of poems as weighty as stone, outcroppings from what lies beneath, within the soul and upon the earth; these poems are cairns."
— Marsha de la O, author of Antidote for Night

"The poems in Rock & Fire by Marguerite Costigan shatter our place in the world. We are changed by this storm of words, this raw power..."
— Kevin Patrick Sullivan, co-founder of the San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival (1982 to present)

"Marguerite Costigan writes like a force of nature, because that's exactly what she is: woman/poet/planet, laying bare the metamorphic inwardness of elements and beings, by means of language forged in fire."
— Maia, author of The SpiritLife of Birds

"The first time I heard Marguerite Costigan read her poems everything else in the room got still like the air does before an earthquake. It was clear, I was in the presence of a rare one — rare poet, rare human. She adds heft to my spirit. These are poems as sturdy as mountains, bless-ed as wind."
— Patrice Vecchione, author of Step into Nature: Nurturing Imagination and Spirit in Everyday Life

About Marguerite Costigan

Marguerite Costigan is a professional artist, naturalist, and life-long poet. She began writing poetry as a child on her father’s farm in rural Pennsylvania. In high school, her work was included in a national poetry anthology. A 44-year transplant to California, her poems embrace multiple themes: the human condition, the environment, war and love. Her work has appeared in Pudding Magazine, Café Solo, Asylum, the anthology Poems for Endangered Places, and the international magazine Le Fenetre. She has taught with the California State Poets in the Schools program, has been reading her work live before Central Coast audiences since the 1970’s, and has been proclaimed San Luis Obispo County Poet Laureate 2015-16 by the Board of Supervisors. Marguerite lives in San Luis Obispo, California with her musician/writer husband and one skittery cat.

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