Tornado Man

by Tom Harrington



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47 pages, October 2018
Published by Solo Press
Designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless

“Tom Harrington’s poetry may touch upon the challenges of life on the family farm and his years beyond, but his words remind us, whatever the disappointment, love is more important.”
— Pamela Danforth Yaco

“Harrington’s words, as sensual and delicious as a summer peach, made me laugh, nod in recognition, and sigh in the wake of loss and sorrow. His carefully stirred wisdom, humor, and soul-comforting glimpses of love, humanity, and nature, touched my soul. His voice is a jar full of fireflies lighting the way.”
— Sharon Lovejoy, author of Running Out of Night

“Tom’s poems are like stones that boys once carried in their pockets: talismanic moments of a life worn smooth with touching that he wants to put in the palms of our hands.They are a medley of rhyme, yearning, vivid metaphor and thanksgiving to his mother, father, sister Rae, partner Susan, his faithful dog, Ginger and to Buttercup, the cow he milked as a boy. His sounds lull like the tide in his Water Ways ‘flooding eelgrass meadows / and pickleweed thickets / with life.’”
— George Burns, poet, Los Angeles, CA

Published by Solo Press, designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless