Tilting Point

by Peter Dale Scott



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98 pages, November 2012
Published by Word Palace Press
Designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless

“[Peter Dale Scott’s work] extends the scope of poetry, reclaiming some of the ground lost since Dryden, lost even since Pound! A true invention, it should be of interest to all who read poetry.”
~ Thom Gunn

“Peter Dale Scott combines his politics with his poetics, and we are richer for it. The poems are deceptively simple. One run-through is generally enough to crack their intention and meaning, but their brilliance comes after several readings. I travel past the obvious to the subtle interconnectivity of things in Scott's world, while he travels as a senior citizen through the world with his sensitivity and wisdom up front...”
~ Andrew Vaisius

Published by Word Palace Press, designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless