Through the Cosmic Mist

by Ivan BrownOtter



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182 pages, September 2016
Published by Penciled In
Designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless

“Ivan BrownOtter’s finely-crafted poems range from the brashness of his youth to old-age forays into nature. The poems become the wind and rain; we invariably find surprises, sometimes shocking, many times funny, always honest. Whether he’s inside a lightning storm in a Navajo classroom, or walking the mesa by moonlight, or sitting in silence with a shaman, the experience is ours.” — Rosemary Wilvert

Through the Cosmic Mist

As Neptune’s trident 
lifts the Equator
I see a shimmering sweep
of slow curving stars

A creature 
from the Milky Way
I swim in 
an atmospheric sea 
where everything 
weighs the same

If there’s a God out there 
She surely lives 
in the Great Nebula 
winking through 
the cosmic mist
beyond a net 
of birthing blue stars

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