Star Walker

by Jennifer Franco Smith


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32 pages, Published July 2018

A poetry debut from Cambria native Jennifer Franco Smith. “These are unexpected thoughts too good to waste, put on paper to enjoy and share.”

Peaceful Strength

My heart slipped under the willow tree
It’s umbrella-ness sheltered me
The rush of wind around my head
Settled and I caught my breath in my hand

I opened my hand and my soul fluttered
It did not need the host of millions of fairies
My soul was quiet, calm and sweet
Only one tiny fairies wings
helped it beat

My mind captured the hush, lavender moment
A bonnet of peace flew onto my head
It’s aroma was rich with no scent
It seeped into my eyes, and trickled down my throat
How was I so special to be blessed with this bliss

Strength burst my fears
Strength gave me strength
Samson... Atlas... Hercules... King Kong
No — I had found my own diversity
I heard my own cheers

My moments of quiet under the tree
Brought my blessings to me
No need to run, cry or hide
I had been healed way deep inside