by Jack Foley



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72 pages, February 2014
Published by Word Palace Press
Designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless

“Like the Buddha’s eyes, these are poems which are always open and can be seen from any direction.”
— Leza Lowitz

“Foley is our firebrand experimentalist and he holds his torch high so the reader can have more light. This book makes unique flares and shadows in profound and vivid ways.”
— Michael McClure

“Jack Foley's work represents that rare commodity--genuinely avant-garde poetry. He takes the polyphonic forms of Pound and Eliot and pushes them into possibilities open only to performance-based art. This is experimental poetry with depth and intelligence as well as intensity.”
— Dana Gioia

“While on the surface the poems are juxtapositions, collages—as we dig deeper and listen more closely we hear a multitude of individuals, ideas, images and complexes of these unifying all around us. To compel us toward a moment of liberation. Poetry that will change your life.”
— Jake Berry “Nomadic and settled, roving and established. Foley does not pitch his tent in anyone's territory, nor does he set up his own tent and wait for followers. Rather, like a pilgrim in search of answers, he moves with his poetry across the vast field of poetry.”
— Mary Ann Sullivan</p>

“Jack Foley is not afraid to invent new forms, to say things never said in the poem’s domain, to follow his eye, his ear, his nose or his heart...”
— The Poetry Project Newsletter

“Foley’s work takes place in the great theater of meaning that is language: an open-ended circus, an epic that has no conclusion, an endless conversation between an infinite number of speakers.”
— Christopher Bernard

“All of this is only to remind the reader of the vastness of the world in the waking and sleeping mind, the multiplicity of points of view possible in the myriad instant of light which is breathing within the poet.”
— Ivan Argüelles

“A fine poet, a man in love with his life, a contributor to the good.”
— Kathleen Fraser

Published by Word Palace Press, designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless