Falling Short

by Paul Lobo Portugés



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177 pages, June 2022
Published by Word Palace Press
Designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless

“This book of poems is imbued with magical beauty, epiphanic pathos, and timeless wisdom. Each poem is masterfully crafted into simple perfection that conceals profound depth. Paul Lobo Portugés has gifted us with a spare yet stunning landscape.”
– Yun Wang

“A book of succinct almost epigrammatic brilliancies of poems combined with full-blown blasts of rage and insight that affirm Paul Lobo Portugés’ voice of social and political excellence.”
– Jack Hirschman

“Paul Lobo Portugés’ poetry, honed & refined over the years, is a repository of voices, in the tradition of Whitman’s calling into presence the many voices of those not positioned or able to speak for themselves. He does this in different ways, but always with with great power, condensing what must be said into small, compact lines, sharp & piercing sighs & outcries, as memorable as any real poetry must be, carrying the empathy along & allowing us to come at it anew. It is, to my mind, a fine display of what poetry can still be good for & how well, in the hands of a master poet, it continues to inform us.”
– Jerome Rothenberg

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Published by Word Palace Press, designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless