Celtic Light

by Lee Perron



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50 pages, January 2013
Published by Word Palace Press
Designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless

“Lee Perron’s poems have shown me the path to the dark forest pool where Psyche terrifies her guests, and the poet is, at last, allowed to surrender his vision. Inexorable death, inexorable life — just as he found them, water mixed with the sun.”
~ Michael Hannon

“...very wonderful lines here — remarkable and beautiful — full of wisdom and strife as well as health of mind and body, [and] completion, if there is any. Just amazing!”
~ Leonard Cirino, poet, editor Pygmy Forest Press.

“Lee Perron is a highly gifted poet, with a fine sensibility for the tones of nature, and the nature of the self as it expands into the world.”
~ Elliot Sterns, ONTHEBUS

Published by Word Palace Press, designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless