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One of my favorite programs ever is called Synergy2. Essentially, it runs on Mac, PC and Linux and allows you to share the same keyboard and mouse across multiple computers, regardless of the operating system. So, today, I am copying text on my Mac, pasting it on my PC, and essentially being more awesome than my license for awesomeness allows for.

Unfortunately, the GUI I’d been using on my Mac for Synergy, QuickSynergy, doesn’t work on Leopard. It’s all good, though, because a quick Googling helped me find SynergyKM, a far better GUI that I probably should have been using from the beginning.

Yay for Leopard breaking my life less than I thought it did.

(Actually, it’s really freaking cool. Thanks Red, for your part in it. I’m sure all the awesome parts were the ones you put in it.)