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Clint Howard gets all the good roles

Okay, so this last season, there’s been some great television that ought not to be canceled (and thankfully wasn’t), some amazing television that seemed doomed to be canceled (and was), and some really crappy television that’s fun to watch but should have been canceled (and wasn’t), but then there’s Fringe, which I didn’t expect to love as much as I do. I finally watched the last two episodes from the season tonight, and it was one of the most rewarding season finales of the year. And it’s not just for the following scene, from episode 19, “The Road Not Taken.”

Yes, that’s Clint Howard. Brother of actor/director Ron Howard and child actor from the original Star Trek. Not to mention one of the most prolific tertiary actors of our time. I love the references to the new Star Trek movie. Especially given that the three creators of the show wrote and directed the new Star Trek movie.

Geek on!