900 N Oak Park Blvd
Arroyo Grande, CA.
6:30 $6

sweet emo goodness, who wants to go with me? [-8

unfortunately, i missed Dieradiode’s show on December 12th that they had here in San Diego, with Noise Ratchet… they said the show sold out, and i believe them.

hello, doctor, what’s wrong with me?
vhy do zoo tink der ist zoomthink wronk wit zoo?
well, it’s december. no decembers are ever good for me. every time, my holiday season is characterized by familial problems, girl troubles, or extreme loneliness… and right now, it’s a combination of the loneliness and the family.
i zee… und vhy do zoo tink dat a figment ov zour eemagination can help?
why do i even try talking to you?
vecauze, zoo are zee dreamer
i would rather i dreamed my entire life, then.

some days, you just feel like this

i’ve done nothing today… got pretty far in Speaker for the Dead but not far enough… grandma and grandpa haven’t called back yet, and i called them a day ago…

why doesn’t anyone reply?

how are you, emo kid?
momma said knock you out.
yes, i see… well, you’re back home now… yep, back for the holidays…
i just wanna play chess with dad.
oh, why doesn’t he?
because of star trek. he’s the message board king of star trek.
oooookay… you’ve got a strange family there, but you’re a strong one, emo kid. a strong example of a proud species.
whatever. i get teased constantly about destroying computers. constantly
i’m sure you’ll work through it. human adults are supposed to be mature, rational beings, right?
not when you’re dealing with my family.

i don’t know about tomorrow.

i head back home, leaving about 9 or 10, and i’ve got a ride all the way down, but here are a couple of reasons why life might be kind of stressful come tomorrow

1) the girl that’s giving me a ride didn’t tell her folks about me riding with her until yesterday, and they’re not too happy about her giving a ride to “some guy she doesn’t know”… so yeah, i doubt i’ll meet them, but it just kinda irritates me when parents get upset about things that relate to me… always have, always will.

2) my dad, the star trek message board junkie. supposedly, that’s the only place he can “get good intelligent conversation”… and the last time i was down, he seemed to ignore everything i did to get to be around him, opting instead for the internet route. talking to him today, it seems like nothing’s really changed… and i’m scared. i don’t want to deal with it. at least i’ll be leaving there shortly after christmas, so if i do have to deal with it, it won’t be for long… which brings me to number 3

3) i have to come back right after christmas, so i can move. meaning, i have to get home and finish packing, then try to clean my room completely from head to toe, assemble my new furniture (thanks to sarah, devon, brian, matt and joe) and get into the new place. so far, i’ve been doing okay about making sure my finances will handle the first of the month, but i still have a small feeling of dread about it all.

4) i’ve not had a real vacation since summer. and then, i was working for a living. thanksgiving sucked, as you’ve probably read, and i’m almost certain that christmas will follow suit.

things are moving. this is the end of the quarter.

i’ve been through much. we’ve been through much.

enjoy your holidays… here are a couple things i will be doing:

1) attempt to write the story (poems)
2) get some more artwork in the bag (like the ones at the top of this page)
3) try not to get into arguments with my dad anymore
4) make up with andrea, and enjoy some time with my old friends

after all, ’tis the season, no?

i hate tabloids.

one day, they will have a tabloid about you. you will be born with three eyes, a perfect lower lip, and an underused bank account.

you will have twenty million dollars taken away by aliens (all bearing the name mr. ed). you got the money through selling yourself to the potatoes.

there will be a cult worshiping you and trying to steal your toiletries every morning.

you will read my blog, and i will be happy.