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A post of updates

A week ago I was married. It was possibly the greatest day of my life, and I had a blast seeing all the smiling faces of these people who love us (or just like us, that’s cool too). Here’s a small taste of the proceedings, from the first dance:

Believe it or not, search for Lawless Duel on the Googlemeister and that video is the no. 1 hit! Thanks to everybody who made it, and special thanks to everybody who posted their pictures on Facebook. It’s been a blast re-living those memories with you.

I never thought I could love Nicole more than I already did, but one week into the marriage and I’m glad to say I was wrong.

Also, today I submitted my business license for Penciled In Designs! I’m now legitimate business!

I’m now running the Windows 7 Release Candidate on my main machine and I’m seriously impressed.

Save the Date, Again, Twice!

So, a few things have changed. The wedding is now DEFINITELY on May 23rd 2009, not May 2nd as originally planned. Still super excited. Got lots of fun ideas and a lot of monies to save.

Also, my first book of poems, There is Nothing Poetic About Fish, will be out soon, and I’m having a book release party! More details will follow, but I think dinner is definitely in order 5pm January 18th 2009. Stick around after that as I’ll be a featured poet at the Corners of the Mouth poetry reading that evening at 7pm at Linnaea’s coffeeshop! I’ll be reading with Los Angeles’ own Sherman Pearl. From what I’ve read of his work, he’s a fantastic poet and I’ll be in good company. Check out some of his poems¬†here¬†(especially “Who’s Next?” and “Rocket Science”).

Whoo. Time to catch a breath.