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Media craziness.

It’s Tuesday, and it’s a new media day. New releases from Ra Ra Riot and Sufjan Stevens (and the requisite price drops for early adopters), and also the release of the FINAL TWELVE MINUTES OF LOST! Check it out!

And thus marks my return to the world of blogging. Perhaps one day I will be like Jhonen Vasquez, or maybe not.

Clint Howard gets all the good roles

Okay, so this last season, there’s been some great television that ought not to be canceled (and thankfully wasn’t), some amazing television that seemed doomed to be canceled (and was), and some really crappy television that’s fun to watch but should have been canceled (and wasn’t), but then there’s Fringe, which I didn’t expect to love as much as I do. I finally watched the last two episodes from the season tonight, and it was one of the most rewarding season finales of the year. And it’s not just for the following scene, from episode 19, “The Road Not Taken.”

Yes, that’s Clint Howard. Brother of actor/director Ron Howard and child actor from the original Star Trek. Not to mention one of the most prolific tertiary actors of our time. I love the references to the new Star Trek movie. Especially given that the three creators of the show wrote and directed the new Star Trek movie.

Geek on!

Surprising special power

Google result for "Pushing Daisies"

So, I love Pushing Daisies… it’s a beautiful show about a man that can resurrect dead people for a short time, and he uses that power to solve murder mysteries. Oh, and he makes a mean pie.

Google just gave me a new take on the show I never got from watching it, that Ned has another power. From the screenshot above:

Ned possesses a rare gift — the ability to Watch Full ‘Pushing Daisies‘ Episodes Online

That’s one heck of a special power.

When I grow up, I want to be just like you, Speed.

So, regardless of what the critics say, I love the new Speed Racer movie. Sure, I have an affection for the old cartoons that borders on the obscene, but gosh darnit, it’s one heck of a zany, colorful, ridiculous roller coaster ride. It had it’s laughs, and it had it’s slight twists and turns. And it had ninjas.

To be honest, I’ve never been disappointed with the Wachowski brothers’ films. Not even the third Matrix. It wasn’t what I initially wanted to see in the movie, but it was a decent movie.

I went into Speed Racer after reading some pretty scathing reviews. And they’re justified, but I have to say: the cinematography in Speed Racer is top notch. I mean, it’s an hour and a half long movie that feels like an hour long. I even teared up from the sheer mind-numbingly sugary sweet ridiculousness that was the end of the last race. Seriously, it reminded me of the end of 2001: a Space Oddysey.

So, if you have any love for the old cartoon, and even enjoy Wachowski brothers’ films, I’d say give it a shot. For me, it was as enjoyable as Iron Man, though it lacked universal appeal.

If you need a bit of refresher on how awesome Speed Racer the television show is, watch some on Hulu.

The Batman is The Suck.

Batman: The Animated Series was amazing. It was as visually impressive as it was deep and rich in plot. I don’t think I knew how good we had it. Until now.

You see, a couple nights ago I managed to stumble across an episode of The Batman. It’s the new anime-inspired cartoon that seems to take a lot of it’s cues from the Adam West live-action Batman series, particularly in it’s puns.

And these are serious turbo puns. For example, Mr. Freeze is walking down the street after he’s just robbed a bank. It’s the hottest night of the year in Gotham City, but he’s making it snow. He stops and says, to no one in particular mind you, “Baby, it’s cold outside.”

Batman ends up catching pneumonia after getting frozen solid by Mr. Freeze. Once Alfred suits him up in a “weather-proof” Batsuit, Batsy decides it’s time to let the poetry flow. What does he say? “Let it snow.”

The worst part about it is how they neutered Mr. Freeze’s character. He’s no longer a scientist who is fighting to keep his wife alive in a cryogenic chamber. No, he’s just a bank robber. A bank robber who blames Batman for making him fall into a cryogenic tank and get electrocuted at the same time. This turns his blood into, *cough cough*, electric ice particles. I don’t think I’m creative enough to come up with stuff like that.

And one last scene; Mr. Freeze ends up robbing a cruise ship in Gotham Harbor, where all the debutantes are holding some kind of ball. He says to a couple of hapless victims, “Just hand me the ice.” When they give him a puzzled look, he says, “Think about it.” And then he snaps off their giant silver necklaces. Jumping off the side of the ship, he tells the captain, “Have an ice evening.”

And so, dear reader, I weep, for the end is most certainly nigh.