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Websites I’ve had a hand in building but haven’t shared yet with you:

  • delicious:suite’s website: Had a lot of fun redesigning this site again. Love PHP includes. The copy on it is still a work in progress, and we need to actually add a portfolio, but it’s up, and it’s got DROP SHADOWS. I swear I’d never use drop shadows on the internet. This is a year to break rules.
  • Firestone Walker Brewery’s website: I was the head of the team working on this at delicious:suite, and we built this according to iii design’s wonderful comps (I hope we did them justice). It uses some pretty nifty AJAX/PHP/Flash magic so the video never refreshes, although the rest of the page does. Oh, and we got some free beer from the deal. SCORE!
  • Designer Sleeves’ website: Definitely want one of these, but haven’t justified it to myself yet. Built this at delicious:suite according to a Kraftwerk design. It was nice getting to see Anthony Pessagno occasionally when I’d walk into their offices, but ZenCart and I are probably going to be lifelong arch-nemeses.