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de Blob

One of the most surprising video games I’ve played in the last year is THQ’s de Blob for the Wii. Click the link for it’s description on Wikipedia.

One of the most innovative portions of the game is it’s soundtrack, which is a funky, upbeat jazz odyssey, and is completely governed by the way you play. As you paint buildings, you build the soundtrack. If you use red, a sassy saxophone will flare up and green is a blues guitar. Eventually, as you paint more and more, the tracks crescendo and you’re grooving, literally.

Well, after a couple of weeks of looking for the soundtrack, I found it at Amazon MP3. You can get it here. Below is one of it’s tracks, a little selection called “Euphoric” in the game. Get the entire soundtrack if you like it. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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Christmas, the fifth time?

Nicole decided to let me have my Christmas presents last night: Super Mario Galaxy and Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition were my reward.

Mario Galaxy is seriously the most amazing platformer I think I have ever played. To be able to jump off a tower, get caught in orbit of a small planetoid, and then land on the other side of the world is something that constantly astonishes me. I started playing it this morning, got a half hour in, and seriously considered calling in sick.

RE4 is more of the same amazing game that I’ve already beaten twice on the GameCube, though now, with the Wii controls, it’s faster, more accurate, and yet more challenging. I can’t wait to take on the Ganados again.

Something tells me Nicole thinks I’m pretty special…

Evil in Residence… 4

Last weekend I picked up Resident Evil 4 for the Gamecube, and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a game so visceral, especially because I don’t even exactly know what that means.

But whatever it means, trust me when I say it’s a thrill-ride so haunting, I’m not entirely certain I’m not still playing the game.

Hold on, let me dispatch this dude coming after me with a chainsaw.

Sorry about that… where was I?

The main draw for this game, for me, is that there is not a single zombie in this game. Just hoards after hoards of extremely pissed-off villagers (and some creepy crawlies, who are also pissed).

I mean, a Resident Evil game without zombies. I never even thought that possible before. If I had, I’m pretty sure the game would be about filing taxes.

Now, that would be evil.

VC on the Wii Wishlist: Handhelds

Okay, okay. This is a long shot, I know it. But there’s something in me, something that is slowly dying every single day Nintendo doesn’t utilize the Virtual Console’s full power. So far, the VC has delivered some pretty decent content from consoles of old, and it’s great, but why should it stop there?

Seriously, they should let us fork over some serious Wii points for some of the games that were exclusively on handhelds. Make it something akin to the functionality of the Super Game Boy for the SNES or the Game Boy Player for the GameCube. Heck, I don’t suppose it’s possible, but give us the ability to play games from the Virtual Boy or the DS, and I’d be in utter nirvana.

So, here’s my list:

  1. The Wario Ware series. What a great bunch of games, and even though there’s already a Wario Ware game for the Wii, I still wish I could play the other games in this crazy ADD-afflicted series without plopping down money for a handheld I’ll seldom play. Even the tilt functionality added in Wario Ware: Twisted would be easily emulated with the motion sensor in the Wiimote. This is my ultimate wish, and the real reason that I’d want any handheld VC titles…
  2. The Mario series. For the sake of having a complete Mario collection on one console, getting all the Mario Land games on this console would be awesome, as well as New Super Mario Bros. from the DS… man, that’d be cool… Geez, I still have dreams about the submarine levels in Super Mario Land 1.
  3. Metroid II: Return of Samus. Because it was probably the title on my original Game Boy I spent the most time on. And that’s saying something!
  4. GTA2/Driver. Yeah, the Game Boy Color was the only Nintendo system to see either of these franchises. I own Driver on the Game Boy Color, and it’s a whole lotta fun. I’ve heard that the GTA series on it suffers from low framerates in some places, but with the Wii emulation, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Three Games I’d Love to See on the Virtual Console: The Ninja Edition

Ninja games… sometimes you just can’t get enough of them. Here’s three games I’d love to see on the Virtual Console that either will never come out, or will just take a long time.

  1. Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (SNES): This probably won’t ever be around because Nintendo’s going to want to get every last dime from us by making us buy all three of the Ninja Gaiden games for the NES, but some minor enhancements to the graphics and only taking up one slot on an overburdened channel selector on the Wii just seems like a better deal.
  2. Shinobi 2 (Genesis) – Slash, slash, hack. Awesome. Purely awesome. Great graphics and just fun to play.
  3. Strider (Genesis) – Okay, maybe not a ninja game, but when I first saw this game in the arcades, I was drooling. Give it a near-perfect port to Genesis, and you’ve got something I’d shell out some Wii Points for.

Five Releases I’d like to see on the VC: NES

Last week, Red posted a dissertation on Why Anyone Would Buy a Wii, which basically amounted to thus: you would buy it ’cause it’s awesome. Today, I’d like to focus on a list of games I would love to buy on the Virtual Console. Now, I completely believe that these games will probably NEVER come out on the Virtual Console, just because I think I’m one of the few people in the world that even remember games like To The Earth, but this is my wishlist, and I can wish for whatever I want, damnit.

  1. Super Spike V’Ball: I buy Virtual Console games mainly for one reason: multi-player. And a little known fact is that there were a handful of four-player games developed for the Nintendo, basically needing an adapter to plug four controllers into it. I LOVE Bomberman ’93 that they’ve thrown in on the VC from the Turbographx 16, mainly because it is FIVE player. Anyhow, V’Ball was awesome, and everywhere I look, this seems to be the only four player game worth playing that was developed for the Nintendo. I want it. Bad.
  2. Pin*Bot and High Speed: It’s no lie that these two games are the best and most innovative video pinball games ever released. They’re just so much FUN. The VC’s recent release of Alien Crush for the Turbographix 16 is awesome, but it doesn’t approach the feeling you get when your ball suddenly morphs into a cube, and has appropriate physics to boot. I don’t understand why every other pinball video game I’ve ever played is just a vague shadow of the greatness of these games, and in most cases, just suck.
  3. Deja Vu: Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about a recent game on the Nintendo DS called Hotel Dusk: Room 215 which is, essentially an interactive mystery novel. Every time I read an article about that game, it makes me think of Deja Vu my favorite game that could be a novel ever. And a little bit of tweaking to the interface could make it truly a point-and-click adventure using the Wiimote. I want this game, but only if they do it right.
  4. To the Earth: I’m probably not the only one to wonder why there hasn’t been any emulation of the Nintendo’s zapper in the Wiimote yet, and that there hasn’t been any Duck Hunt. Well, another Nintendo shooter game was To The Earth which was a helluvalottafun, but also gut-blisteringly difficult. Basically, you use the zapper to shoot down incoming spaceships, and most spaceships would require multiple hits to take down. It was fast, it was difficult, but it was also a late-night addiction of mine.
  5. Metal Storm: Sure, it’s just your typical side-scrolling action game, but you can reverse gravity at the punch of a button. It’s more addictive than you may think.