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What a shiner!


I realized that with yesterday’s post about how it felt to get punched in the face after coming back from Arkansas. You see, then I was speaking metaphorically. This beauty was real.

I like to tell people I got it defending Nicole’s honor. Nobody believes me.

Actually, I got it playing Ultimate Frisbee. I jumped for a pop-fly, but another player jumped higher, then came down on my face with his elbow. After playing for another half hour after this, I thought I probably should go home and put some ice on it.

But yeah, this photo was taken at work, two days after the incident.

If you were ever wondering what my desk looks like, well, here you go:


If you weren’t wondering… well, I’ve got nothing for you.

My date with Meg Ryan

I saw Meg Ryan Saturday. She was like, five feet away. I’d love to say that we had coffee, walked along a garden path with autumn leaves falling around our feet and declared our undying love for each other while a gaggle of fireworks exploded above us.

But sadly, there were no fireworks, it was cold, clammy and raining, and she probably hates coffee.

Here’s to the dreams of movies and cinema, manifested in a strange metrosexual fascination with Jude Law and an undying adoration for flippant conversation, warm colors and beautiful camera angles with clever narration.