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When I grow up, I want to be just like you, Speed.

So, regardless of what the critics say, I love the new Speed Racer movie. Sure, I have an affection for the old cartoons that borders on the obscene, but gosh darnit, it’s one heck of a zany, colorful, ridiculous roller coaster ride. It had it’s laughs, and it had it’s slight twists and turns. And it had ninjas.

To be honest, I’ve never been disappointed with the Wachowski brothers’ films. Not even the third Matrix. It wasn’t what I initially wanted to see in the movie, but it was a decent movie.

I went into Speed Racer after reading some pretty scathing reviews. And they’re justified, but I have to say: the cinematography in Speed Racer is top notch. I mean, it’s an hour and a half long movie that feels like an hour long. I even teared up from the sheer mind-numbingly sugary sweet ridiculousness that was the end of the last race. Seriously, it reminded me of the end of 2001: a Space Oddysey.

So, if you have any love for the old cartoon, and even enjoy Wachowski brothers’ films, I’d say give it a shot. For me, it was as enjoyable as Iron Man, though it lacked universal appeal.

If you need a bit of refresher on how awesome Speed Racer the television show is, watch some on Hulu.