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Your favorite Apollo, now with bronchitis!

Last night, Apollo the dog had a bad cough. It was the sort of thing that woke us up at 1:30 am and didn’t really stop until 3. It was really scary; he’d get caught up in it, and couldn’t stop until we rubbed him to try to calm him down.

I was especially scared when I did a search online at 2 for “dog coughing,” and found this article. Of particular note is the heartworms; they’re fatal and are spread by mosquito bites. I was swatting at a mosquito right before I went to bed, too.

Luckily, though, the diagnosis was simply bronchitis, and he’s doing much better today, especially with the chicken broth, lukewarm ice cream and guacamole we’ve been feeding him. Well, the guacamole is what we put his antibiotic pill in, but still. He’s gotta be digging this attention.

Intel, Racism Inside

So, this morning we got the mail at work, and in it was the Dell catalog. Seeing as I’m the only one in the office who has a PC, the bosses handed it to me. Take a serious look at the advertisement I found in it for Intel. I really wonder how many people in the company this ad went past, because it makes me worry about the state of the ad department of Intel and Dell.

Don’t see it? Really? Cause it seriously looks like a bunch of African Americans in an office bowing in submission to the white devil – I mean boss. And every black man is a carbon copy of the others, because after all, “it’s tough to tell them apart.” Reading some of the text doesn’t make things any better: this “40% more performance” is a little bit lower of a deal than the 3/5’s Rule… and all this in the 21st century, where racial equality is a paragon we try to hold ourselves to.

Maximize the power of your employees, indeed.

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The delicious:suite, and the longest month of my life

the delicious:suite spaceship. Illustrated by Ben Lawless

Wow. I guess I can actually talk about what I’ve been working on for the last year at BIG Images, now that we’re so close to our public beta release. That’s the funny thing about NDA’s… whenever somebody would ask me for detail about what I’ve been doing, I’d fumble about, hyperventilate and eventually pass out from the stress. True story.

And so, without further ado, the delicious:suite, and the delicious:designer. Yeah, they’re pretty much the same page, just with different background images, and will continue to be until the 25th (more on that later). I’m really happy, though, with how the page turned out, you know, in terms of the code I wrote for it (mmm… PHP + CSS, and check out that day ticker I wrote… T-minus 15 days indeed), the marketing copy (”Producing something worthwhile doesn’t need to be more difficult than helping a walrus move into a skyscraper.” Man, that’s good.), but also mostly for the illustrations. That spaceship’s pretty much the shiniest thing I’ve ever done. Something that’s also pretty amazing is that it’s a completely separate file from the rest of the site’s images. That’s right, transparent PNG at it’s best.

And so, the 25th is coming, and I’m pretty scared. This is the largest project I have ever been involved in. I mean, we’re launching the public beta of a design program in just over 2 weeks! And I’ve got a list of “to do’s” that is a mile long.

The world’s only cross-platform, cross-browser vector viewer and editor. Works wherever the internet does. Indeed.

Battlestar killed my inner child, spoiler-free

As it states in the title, this post will be as spoiler-free as humanly possible.

Thank heavens for last night. BSG ended it’s third season on quite a note, answering some questions but still leaving us mostly with a collective what the hell…? It’s like a normal BSG season-finale-cliffhanger, but completely different. They didn’t jump ahead a year. They didn’t shoot anybody important in the chest, leaving them to die on a table with everyone screaming and crying. But they did have a lot more fleshing-out of the mythology, which is why I adore the show.

Red has mentioned several times that he likes the show for different reasons than I do, which kinda makes sense because he found something in the latter half of season 2 that was worthwhile. Good for him, because I can’t possibly imagine what it was. In between clumsy assassination attempts and utterly useless deaths, there was nothing in those 10 episodes that drew me to the show in the first place… except that they were still in space. Which is still pretty awesome, when I think about it. Then again, even Andromeda was in space, and had Kevin Sorbo. Boy, I don’t know how they screwed that up, but somehow they did.

Back to topic. This season was amazing… It had all the stuff I liked and very little that I didn’t. For example:

  • Socio-economic problems. I can’t tell you how much I geeked out when I heard Tom Zarek in the first season talk about the fact that— in a post-apocalyptic future— people still need to be paid. They still need vacations. They basically still need reasons to work and go about their day-to-day lives. That means that these people are that much closer to being real. And this season’s Dirty Hands had that in spades. Real people, in horrible situations, trying to get by. That’s something Star Trek really never did (well, they touched upon it in DS9, with the Bajorans and the Maquis and all, especially in the first season, but the Dominion War chucked that out the window when they could have used the war to highlight this struggle). Also, seeing certain characters get new roles and jobs to pick up their lives in the wake of their second apocalypse (and the New Caprica incident was definitely a second apocalypse) was pretty awesome. Anders and Seelix as pilots-in-training is cool.
  • Mythos. Oh, the mythos. How I crave it! The struggle between the monotheistic “bad guys” and the polytheistic “good guys” is such a rich plot point for me, and the real question of “who are these deities?” is something they’re making me ponder more and more as time goes on. Season 2— after discovering the map to Earth— had no real mythology, and that saddens me. Now, I can’t believe they’re making us wait until January 2008 to deliver any kind of answers to how or why the events of last night’s episode happened… I believe that’s pretty much a crime against humanity. The last four episodes of the season gave me the same kind of excitement for the future of the story that I had after seeing Matrix: Reloaded oh-so-long-ago… I can’t wait to see what happens next, and to read every single theory online until that point.
  • The action! Yeah, there wasn’t as many space battles this season, but the special effects in Maelstrom and The Passage more than made up for it… and then there was the rescue in the beginning of the season. The shot of Galactica jumping away in atmosphere quenched my geekiness straight down to my very core.

And so, last night I couldn’t sleep. I think I probably got a good three hours. And it’s all because I couldn’t get the last five minutes out of my head… All Along the Watchtower… The song that will haunt me till January.

Molten Hot Magma

Last night I dreamt that Madonna Mountain was a volcano erupting and filling our apartment with molten hot magma. Nicole turned to me and told me to quickly save only that which was important.

Looking back on the dream, I can’t help but giggle at the fact that I ran out of my house clothed only in my underwear and a laptop under each arm. I’m assuming Nicole saved the puppy, but I just can’t be sure.

Lindsay Lo-ham

So, Lindsay Lohan was in SLO last week, filming her new movie, I Know Who Killed Me, which has got to be in the running for worst movie title ever.

She was filming scenes at SLO High and on Higuera St. in the middle of downtown, and so they had to shut down Higuera for almost a day of filming. They shut down the area with some of the best shopping in the area the day before Valentine’s Day. That’s right, on February 13th, no one could shop at Fanny Wrappers or even Bath and Body Works.

Now, supposedly, they would have shot these scenes a month earlier, but she’s been in alcohol rehab (and she’s still just shy of 21! But that’s a whole other rant). So, because of rehab, they pushed the date back and Hollywood had no concept of a pretty darned important shopping day.

I guess Lindsay Lohan is the reason Justin Timberlake had to bring the sexy back. It’s all making sense to me now…

Vista demands sacrifice

So, I’m at Staples, checking out one of those shiny new laptops with Vista on it. Everything’s going good, stuff is loading, I’m double-clicking and alt-tabbing and only barely feeling the technonarcolepsy.

All of a sudden, I look down, and my right hand is covered in blood. I kid you not, my own blood. I have an open wound on my finger, and I can’t be entirely certain that Vista wasn’t to blame. Or at least, had something to gain from tasting human blood.

And so, I think we should keep a close eye on installations of Vista. If anybody thinks I’m joking, watch I Robot. Will Smith knew what I’m talking about.