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Let that be a lesson to me

So, here’s a strange predicament: Thursday, I updated my site to WordPress 2.5 (mmm-mmm-mmm, good) and on Friday, 2.5.1 comes out, so I upload it to my site. Coda, by Panic software, is my FTP manager of choice. I think they added a new option when uploading, but I didn’t pause to take it in. When you upload a directory, you can either Replace or Merge. I have always just had the option to Replace, which, believe it or not, replaces the files that are new and leaves all the other files alone. Turns out this the behavior I want is now Merge, and Replace destroys the entire directory, and then rewrites it.

That means all my photos I’ve uploaded to my blog are lost, as well as the themes I’ve collected o’er the years. It’s not a huge deal, but if you were wondering why my site was sporting Kubrick until this morning, that’s why.

My weekend plans to become bear wrestling champion

I’m a little bit anxious; I’m going camping for the first time since I
was 12. Nicole’s Senior Project studies have her traveling up to Hi
Mountain most of the weekends this quarter, and this time I get to
join her. I hear there’s a spot on the peak where you can see both the
ocean and the Sierra Nevadas at once.

So, if I get mauled by bears, I expect all of you to visit me in the
hospital. Laugh now, but Nicole has been trying to convince me that
it’s standard for campers to leave bits of raw meat all around the
campsite right before bed.

This is probably going to net me brownie points…

Today, Nicole has had a bit of a rough day. She had to get up at 6 o’clock this morning in order to be at a field trip for a class she’s She got back home just in time to hop into work at noon, and currently it’s just after 9pm, and she’s still there. She called a few hours ago to say that a dog was having complications post-op and that she had no idea when she’d be home.

As a society, I feel it’s so easy to blame the bad things that happen to us, instead of recognizing the worth of the person that lives through it. I do it all the time, but I’d like to stop it here.

Nicole is a woman of indomitable spirit, willing to demonstrate a dedication that I can only hope to emulate. The truth is, she didn’t have to sign up for the Teacher’s Aide position, but she did it anyway knowing full well the requirements (and evidently not getting enough of the early morning jaunts when she was a student in the class). Plus I hear she’s a tremendous help at the hospital, putting in hours she would rather be sleeping in. And that’s not the only thing that she carries the torch in without much recompense: teaching swimming at the Elks every summer and putting up with me are two things that come to mind.

Personally, I have never had the opportunity or the will to put that much of myself out there, not without grumbling about it, anyway. I am honored to know that when we have children (which will be a long time from now, mom), the woman I am marrying will be able to pass that quality on to them. It’s a wonderful gift.

I love you, baby. When you get home, if I’m asleep drooling in front of a flickering computer playing Sports Night, wake me up. I’ll heat up your dinner. Oh, and don’t let me forget to get out the chocolate pudding I made.

Things I keep forgetting to blog about

  • The wedding has been pushed back to April 2009. It just didn’t seem wise to divide Nicole’s attention between Senior Project and planning a wedding. What’s the rush, anyway?
  • I’m starting to think about actually submitting my poems to magazines and journals and the like, before I do the full book. Part of it is because I think I need a few more poems ready for prime time before I can justify it… I’ll keep y’all apprised on the situation.
  • The new Speed Racer Trailer is amazing. I’m going to be first in line. But what’s this? Only 20% of the actors talking like they’re overdosing on sugar? Man, it’s definitely going to be nothing like the cartoon.

Another surprise

So, I’m maybe 90% done with my first book of poetry. It’s not a big thing; I’m going to self-publish through Create Space, a great Amazon-owned company that happens to have some really kick-ass Ultimate Frisbee players working for it, because, you know, that’s important when picking how your first 11-year long opus is produced. Nor is it going to be a big book, clocking in at probably under 50 pages.

I meant it to be a Christmas present last year to a bunch of people, but since I kinda missed that deadline, I had a lot more time to put back into the editing and design of it.

I’m having some problems coming up with titles, but I think I’m almost there. My first working title was Get Thee Behind Me, Gravity but since that was completely lame, I was, for a time, thinking of calling it what it is: Pretentious Crap, by Ben Lawless. Jason has been helping me out with a lot of ideas, like Underpaid, and the previously mentioned Pretentious Crap. Lots of people have a problem with that one, though…

Recently I was thinking:

  • Somewhere Along the Way, This All Got Out of Hand
  • Absolutely Unremarkable in Every Way
  • I Am Lawless (Soon to be a major motion picture starring Will Smith)

But then I considered, what if I actually had titles that related to the poems in the book?! How novel would that be?! So, my current picks are:

  • Exchanging Sky for Ground (or just Sky or Ground)
  • Years Before the Moon and You and Me
  • The Spark That Did Us In

If anyone would like to help in any way, toss me a comment, or something into this remarkable little thing: simple private sharing

Apollo, there there.

Nicole’s favorite story of the week to tell about me happened the night of Apollo’s bronchitis attacks. You see, I had a bit of trouble getting to sleep when I went to bed, and then there was the 2 hours staying by his side comforting him. When I finally got back to bed, I crashed. But Nicole was supposedly wide awake.

Well, as she tells it, I’d snore, wake up the puppy, who’d give half a cough, and then I’d respond with an unconscious “There, there Apollo. There, there.” And then immediately start snoring again, which would begin the cycle all over again.

Apollo is doing much better. As responsible pet owners, we’re not walking him for fear of other dogs he may greet and gift with bronchitis. He’s been enjoying getting his cough suppressant in finger-sized chunks of guacamole. Oh, and he still has cute puppy paws.

Your favorite Apollo, now with bronchitis!

Last night, Apollo the dog had a bad cough. It was the sort of thing that woke us up at 1:30 am and didn’t really stop until 3. It was really scary; he’d get caught up in it, and couldn’t stop until we rubbed him to try to calm him down.

I was especially scared when I did a search online at 2 for “dog coughing,” and found this article. Of particular note is the heartworms; they’re fatal and are spread by mosquito bites. I was swatting at a mosquito right before I went to bed, too.

Luckily, though, the diagnosis was simply bronchitis, and he’s doing much better today, especially with the chicken broth, lukewarm ice cream and guacamole we’ve been feeding him. Well, the guacamole is what we put his antibiotic pill in, but still. He’s gotta be digging this attention.

Internet foibles.

Saturday was a little problematic for me, in terms of getting work done. I’m currently in the middle of a much-needed redesign of, and I can’t work on it, or update my totally awesome blog, because my internet is down all day. A half-hour on the phone with SBC Yahoo support on Sunday morning makes me figure out that the order that I’ve been resetting my modem and router is all wrong. That’s really funny because I’ve been doing it the way Charter told me about for the last four years.

Finicky technology, sanity is for others! So, yet another reminder to myself, and those who might benefit from this knowledge: Unplug both router and modem, then plug in the modem and let it fully boot up before starting the router. Mumbo jumbo, sprinkle the cow’s blood, and then spin in three very awkward circular motions, counter-counter-clockwise.