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Molten Hot Magma

Last night I dreamt that Madonna Mountain was a volcano erupting and filling our apartment with molten hot magma. Nicole turned to me and told me to quickly save only that which was important.

Looking back on the dream, I can’t help but giggle at the fact that I ran out of my house clothed only in my underwear and a laptop under each arm. I’m assuming Nicole saved the puppy, but I just can’t be sure.

Back at the mansion…

Last night I had a crazy dream in which I moved back to the mansion, and was paid to live there. I remember calling Devon and he was screaming “get out of there NOW, it’s a TRAP!”

Also, there was a pretty crazy party at the pool in the back, and a lawyer came up to me to discuss the medical benefits I’d be receiving from living there.

Pretty sweet deal? I know!

That is, until I realized I joined a cult and got shipped to Guadalajara in a suitcase…