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Gosh, if only.

I found this image in a very enlightening and entertaining post from ilovetypography.com, entitled Typoholism: An Addict’s Tale. Naming children after typefaces is now my new goal.

Oh, and I’d buy that game, pictured above, in a heartbeat.

Speaking of games, it seems I took a quick nap and all of a sudden Super Mario Galaxy is out! IGN gave it a 9.7, and their video review should not be missed.

2 thoughts on “Gosh, if only.

  1. WOW! Four posts in four days. I suppose you want a medal or something? Well you’re not getting one! I feel it my duty to discourage you.

    Your ideas are bad. You should stop being creative before people realize that you are a fraud!

    I’m only trying to make you a better person :)

  2. Pleased you like it. Your enthusiasm for this most definitely labels you a terminal-case type nut. Now to convince those game developers….

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