My review of the new iPad

Excited about getting an iPad,
I forgot about my pets
and if they would enjoy it too.

The dog loves to jump in my lap
as I’m running from dinosaurs,
or jamming in a one man band,
or watching videos about much cuter dogs.
He craves the attention
this lifeless and wagless thing achieves.

My cat ignored it, until one day,
Nicole googled “apps for cats.”
He pawed at a little red ball darting
across the infinite blackness.
I wonder what a feline astronaut would see
perched at the window of a rocketship,
and whether he would wonder at how humans
spend more and more money on
what are poor substitutes for
the scurrying mouse, the tossed sock,
the vacant corner of a midnight room.

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Update: Two really insightful comments on my poem have sprung up.

  • Gordon Bernard says: what sort of crap is that? Loser
  • S.R. says: My cat likes to use the ipad as a litterbox

Honestly, I love it!