Status update

I’ve been counting my blessings lately. I don’t do it enough.

It’s been a really packed summer. We moved into a new place, a three bedroom house on the same property that we’ve lived the last four years. The move was bittersweet, though. Our dear neighbor and friend passed away after a long bout with cancer, and we inherited her house and a lot of her stuff. The first few weeks moving and living here was a little tough, since we moved into what was essentially a full house, but we’ve made it our home in less time and effort than I thought it would take. And I’m falling more and more in love with the property we’ve been on for four years. It’s almost like a park, with the creek running through the back of the property. I think I changed recently, and thinking about moving to the Bay Area has made me realize how lucky I am here.

Nicole and I are doing great. We share lots of laughter and love.

My sister stayed with us for two weeks on her summer break, and it was wonderful. She is growing up to be a funny, sweet, intelligent and charming young woman. It’s awesome that I have such a great sister and friend.

My brother and his wife moved into a new house. It’s swanky. My brother is okay, for a smelly crazy guy.

I officiated Cat and Aeron Ford’s wedding in mid-August, which was my first time doing anything of the sort. I was nervous. Cat’s one request was that I keep her laughing so much that she couldn’t cry. Basically it meant that I had to trim most of the typical wedding crud from my first few drafts, and actually write something from the heart. And the gut. It was risky but it paid off, and to my benefit, Cat and Aeron still call me a friend.

The next book is coming along swimmingly. Tentative title: “Facts” About Faraway Stars. Of course I know everybody is probably going to call it Maybe There Is Something Poetic About These Fish Anyway, but they’ll probably only call it that to my face. Look for it next Spring.

Before that comes out, the three gents in my writing group and I are releasing a book of mostly new poems before the end of the year. More info on that soon.

I’ve been writing and rewriting and reading like crazy. I’m going to be a featured reader during the upcoming Plein Aire Poetry festival at the end of September. Should be awesome.

Well, my fingers are about to fall off… so hope you’re doing great, too, The Internet. Keep on tubin’.