Surprising special power

Google result for "Pushing Daisies"

So, I love Pushing Daisies… it’s a beautiful show about a man that can resurrect dead people for a short time, and he uses that power to solve murder mysteries. Oh, and he makes a mean pie.

Google just gave me a new take on the show I never got from watching it, that Ned has another power. From the screenshot above:

Ned possesses a rare gift — the ability to Watch Full ‘Pushing Daisies‘ Episodes Online

That’s one heck of a special power.


So, i love typography is one of my favorite blogs ever, and they gave me a neat little shout out. In this post, the last paragraph reads

I’m only about a third of the way through my list of things to post this week, but it’s back to work for me. I will try to post more during the week. Have an inspiring, productive, and happy week. And, on a light note, this has to be the ultimate pet name.

Go ahead and click on the link. Clawed Garamond for the win!

I commented because, in the last post, they were gushing over someone’s choice of “Serif” as a name for their cat… yeah, Serif is really good too.

Now, if only I can convince Nicole that our first child should be named Ace Lawless…

Save the Date, Again, Twice!

So, a few things have changed. The wedding is now DEFINITELY on May 23rd 2009, not May 2nd as originally planned. Still super excited. Got lots of fun ideas and a lot of monies to save.

Also, my first book of poems, There is Nothing Poetic About Fish, will be out soon, and I’m having a book release party! More details will follow, but I think dinner is definitely in order 5pm January 18th 2009. Stick around after that as I’ll be a featured poet at the Corners of the Mouth poetry reading that evening at 7pm at Linnaea’s coffeeshop! I’ll be reading with Los Angeles’ own Sherman Pearl. From what I’ve read of his work, he’s a fantastic poet and I’ll be in good company. Check out some of his poems here (especially “Who’s Next?” and “Rocket Science”).

Whoo. Time to catch a breath.