The last few days, in brief.

I know, I know, better call the waah-mbulance, but here’s my official bitchfest:

  • Yesterday was so hot here, my computer just died about 6 or 7 times. I finally realized it was overheating. I’m not looking forward to any more warm weather now that it’s officially Women’s Press crunch-time.
  • I gave back my Powerbook G4 this morning; the company had a better place for it, and since I got a new iMac for my desk at work, it wasn’t entirely necessary. It’s okay, I think I still get visitation rights. Since I only have my PC, which works occasionally in a heat wave, I’m a little freaked.
  • The warmer weather has brought the bugs into my home, and with bugs come bug bites. I’ve started taking my Centrum, but not soon enough to stop the dozen or so bites on my arms last night.
  • My sister went missing this morning, gone before my mother woke up, and after 12 hours of non-stop worrying, we found her again. During that time, all manner of awful things ran through my head, and, hoping against hope, Nicole spent a good portion of her day checking the train station, to see if she came up here on a whim. After only hearing the ten second version of why, I am forced to conclude two things:
  1. My sister is one of the bravest people I’ve ever met, to face her fears and problems and let others in to be there with her, and
  2. I am officially pissed off at mankind.

Let that be a lesson to me

So, here’s a strange predicament: Thursday, I updated my site to WordPress 2.5 (mmm-mmm-mmm, good) and on Friday, 2.5.1 comes out, so I upload it to my site. Coda, by Panic software, is my FTP manager of choice. I think they added a new option when uploading, but I didn’t pause to take it in. When you upload a directory, you can either Replace or Merge. I have always just had the option to Replace, which, believe it or not, replaces the files that are new and leaves all the other files alone. Turns out this the behavior I want is now Merge, and Replace destroys the entire directory, and then rewrites it.

That means all my photos I’ve uploaded to my blog are lost, as well as the themes I’ve collected o’er the years. It’s not a huge deal, but if you were wondering why my site was sporting Kubrick until this morning, that’s why.

My weekend plans to become bear wrestling champion

I’m a little bit anxious; I’m going camping for the first time since I
was 12. Nicole’s Senior Project studies have her traveling up to Hi
Mountain most of the weekends this quarter, and this time I get to
join her. I hear there’s a spot on the peak where you can see both the
ocean and the Sierra Nevadas at once.

So, if I get mauled by bears, I expect all of you to visit me in the
hospital. Laugh now, but Nicole has been trying to convince me that
it’s standard for campers to leave bits of raw meat all around the
campsite right before bed.

This is probably going to net me brownie points…

Today, Nicole has had a bit of a rough day. She had to get up at 6 o’clock this morning in order to be at a field trip for a class she’s She got back home just in time to hop into work at noon, and currently it’s just after 9pm, and she’s still there. She called a few hours ago to say that a dog was having complications post-op and that she had no idea when she’d be home.

As a society, I feel it’s so easy to blame the bad things that happen to us, instead of recognizing the worth of the person that lives through it. I do it all the time, but I’d like to stop it here.

Nicole is a woman of indomitable spirit, willing to demonstrate a dedication that I can only hope to emulate. The truth is, she didn’t have to sign up for the Teacher’s Aide position, but she did it anyway knowing full well the requirements (and evidently not getting enough of the early morning jaunts when she was a student in the class). Plus I hear she’s a tremendous help at the hospital, putting in hours she would rather be sleeping in. And that’s not the only thing that she carries the torch in without much recompense: teaching swimming at the Elks every summer and putting up with me are two things that come to mind.

Personally, I have never had the opportunity or the will to put that much of myself out there, not without grumbling about it, anyway. I am honored to know that when we have children (which will be a long time from now, mom), the woman I am marrying will be able to pass that quality on to them. It’s a wonderful gift.

I love you, baby. When you get home, if I’m asleep drooling in front of a flickering computer playing Sports Night, wake me up. I’ll heat up your dinner. Oh, and don’t let me forget to get out the chocolate pudding I made.