I know it’s silly, but:

  • I love everything that goes into fried rice, but I prefer steamed rice by a factor of five Godzillas.
  • I got my degree in printing, but I’m scared to death of desktop printers.
  • I’m marrying a woman:
    • who broke up with me twice in one day,
    • who has, on many occasions, mentioned she is going to kill me, slowly and painfully,
    • and who bought me an iPhone… so I guess we’re even, at least for the next rest of my life…

2 thoughts on “I know it’s silly, but:”

  1. I’m afraid to turn on the lights while I type.
    Kittens, babies, and other small animals frighten me at times.
    My iPod is spying on me.
    I miss my ex-girlfriend

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