I believe it’s safe to say, I’m down with the sickness.

Last night, Nicole and I went to a fabulous dinner at the Paso Robles Inn and then followed it up with a refreshing soak in the Paso Robles Hot Springs. It was great; we looked great and had great fun. I know I don’t get many chances to dress up. And so, I wore a white button-up shirt I think I haven’t worn since high school.

I believe my exact words at dinner were “It feels like I’m getting strangled ever so slowly by a precocious midget.” After unbuttoning the top button, I just felt like I had something stuck in my throat. It didn’t go away, no matter how hard I tried to cough it up, and then at 2 this morning I woke up and it was nearly unbearable. In addition to the sore throat, I started getting the chills… Seriously, the “something in my throat” seemed like it grew into a family of four, inhabiting my throat.

Good times.

So, I took the day off of work, which is neat, but I really wish I could be there. And the day seems like it’s nap, watch Buffy and Angel, and hydrate us to the poor house.

Here’s another thing: people say “Yeah, it’s going around.” How do they know? Perhaps I have too small of a sample size to figure that out, given I probably am around less than a dozen people in my day, but seriously.

3 thoughts on “I believe it’s safe to say, I’m down with the sickness.”

  1. Although dismissive of your suffering, “Yeah, it’s going around.” is much better to hear than “Oh my god, that’s unheard of to medical science. You’re patient zero! Isolate him!!

  2. Really…it IS going around. Jean and I have it, too. And Aunt Nancy, my boss and a smattering of babies I keep in my care (yeah, I’m keeping them just to mutate the virus, muhahaha!).
    Get well!

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