I believe it’s safe to say, I’m down with the sickness.

Last night, Nicole and I went to a fabulous dinner at the Paso Robles Inn and then followed it up with a refreshing soak in the Paso Robles Hot Springs. It was great; we looked great and had great fun. I know I don’t get many chances to dress up. And so, I wore a white button-up shirt I think I haven’t worn since high school.

I believe my exact words at dinner were “It feels like I’m getting strangled ever so slowly by a precocious midget.” After unbuttoning the top button, I just felt like I had something stuck in my throat. It didn’t go away, no matter how hard I tried to cough it up, and then at 2 this morning I woke up and it was nearly unbearable. In addition to the sore throat, I started getting the chills… Seriously, the “something in my throat” seemed like it grew into a family of four, inhabiting my throat.

Good times.

So, I took the day off of work, which is neat, but I really wish I could be there. And the day seems like it’s nap, watch Buffy and Angel, and hydrate us to the poor house.

Here’s another thing: people say “Yeah, it’s going around.” How do they know? Perhaps I have too small of a sample size to figure that out, given I probably am around less than a dozen people in my day, but seriously.