Well, I done did it now.

Yep. New Years ’08 at midnight. It was quite crazy. I was very nervous. Nicole was very surprised.

You’ll notice in the second photo above, that I was not expecting her to laugh in my face. And I hope she said yes to what I think she did, because I don’t remember actually asking anything that night. It could have been “Oh my gosh, some midgets ran by and clocked me in the knee with a baseball bat. Oh, look what I found! Isn’t this pretty? I think I’m going to keep it all for myself!” Funny thing is, though, she won’t give it back.

Sigh, women.

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  1. HI Ben!!!!! remember me?…I used to work w/ ur mom….she just told me the good news!!!! I’m very happy 4 u guys…I hope u guys have fun planning ur wed. and after a wonderful life toguether…..stay happy!!!….the world needs more good people like u!!!!XOXO Irma

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