Nerds. The whole lot of us.

If anyone has seen the first part of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men (Wikipedia link), you know that the Guardian of Forever makes an appearance. Right at that part, I paused it, turned to Nicole and Matt and asked “You remember what that is, don’t you? You know, from The City on the Edge of Forever?

Nicole said, “Yeah, that’s where they found God in the middle of the desert, right?”

Matt pipes in and says “No, that’s in the Center of the Galaxy, this is the Edge of Forever. It’s a bit different.”

Anyhow, if you’re a Trek fan, I recommend Of Gods and Men, even though it’s not quite as awesome as some other things. Anyhow, you can watch it here

Another surprise

So, I’m maybe 90% done with my first book of poetry. It’s not a big thing; I’m going to self-publish through Create Space, a great Amazon-owned company that happens to have some really kick-ass Ultimate Frisbee players working for it, because, you know, that’s important when picking how your first 11-year long opus is produced. Nor is it going to be a big book, clocking in at probably under 50 pages.

I meant it to be a Christmas present last year to a bunch of people, but since I kinda missed that deadline, I had a lot more time to put back into the editing and design of it.

I’m having some problems coming up with titles, but I think I’m almost there. My first working title was Get Thee Behind Me, Gravity but since that was completely lame, I was, for a time, thinking of calling it what it is: Pretentious Crap, by Ben Lawless. Jason has been helping me out with a lot of ideas, like Underpaid, and the previously mentioned Pretentious Crap. Lots of people have a problem with that one, though…

Recently I was thinking:

  • Somewhere Along the Way, This All Got Out of Hand
  • Absolutely Unremarkable in Every Way
  • I Am Lawless (Soon to be a major motion picture starring Will Smith)

But then I considered, what if I actually had titles that related to the poems in the book?! How novel would that be?! So, my current picks are:

  • Exchanging Sky for Ground (or just Sky or Ground)
  • Years Before the Moon and You and Me
  • The Spark That Did Us In

If anyone would like to help in any way, toss me a comment, or something into this remarkable little thing: simple private sharing

Well, I done did it now.

Yep. New Years ’08 at midnight. It was quite crazy. I was very nervous. Nicole was very surprised.

You’ll notice in the second photo above, that I was not expecting her to laugh in my face. And I hope she said yes to what I think she did, because I don’t remember actually asking anything that night. It could have been “Oh my gosh, some midgets ran by and clocked me in the knee with a baseball bat. Oh, look what I found! Isn’t this pretty? I think I’m going to keep it all for myself!” Funny thing is, though, she won’t give it back.

Sigh, women.