I love generative art.

In the last several months, I’ve been super interested in the field of generative art. Basically, it’s writing a program that will generate randomized (or not) pieces of art based on specific criteria. I’ve been following it without knowing it for a while now with the works of Joshua Davis (here’s his website, and here’s an article about him on Apple.com).

I’ve been looking at doing generative art on my own. Two programs I’ve found for it are NodeBox and Processing. NodeBox is definitely the easier (and kinda nicer looking) of the two, but it’s Mac-only and only deals with vectors (which you can do some cool stuff with. The image above, from build 40 of deliciousdesigner.com was made in NodeBox), while Processing is multi-platform, and deals with raster graphics entirely.

Today, I found a neat website where Chad Udell programmed a generative art piece using Actionscript 3 (Flash) and Adobe Kuler’s open API. You just type in a search term, and it searches Kuler for a color strip, and creates a random piece of art with it. You can play with it here, or see some of Mr. Udell’s generative art on his Flickr page.