Apollo, there there.

Nicole’s favorite story of the week to tell about me happened the night of Apollo’s bronchitis attacks. You see, I had a bit of trouble getting to sleep when I went to bed, and then there was the 2 hours staying by his side comforting him. When I finally got back to bed, I crashed. But Nicole was supposedly wide awake.

Well, as she tells it, I’d snore, wake up the puppy, who’d give half a cough, and then I’d respond with an unconscious “There, there Apollo. There, there.” And then immediately start snoring again, which would begin the cycle all over again.

Apollo is doing much better. As responsible pet owners, we’re not walking him for fear of other dogs he may greet and gift with bronchitis. He’s been enjoying getting his cough suppressant in finger-sized chunks of guacamole. Oh, and he still has cute puppy paws.