Intel, Racism Inside

So, this morning we got the mail at work, and in it was the Dell catalog. Seeing as I’m the only one in the office who has a PC, the bosses handed it to me. Take a serious look at the advertisement I found in it for Intel. I really wonder how many people in the company this ad went past, because it makes me worry about the state of the ad department of Intel and Dell.

Don’t see it? Really? Cause it seriously looks like a bunch of African Americans in an office bowing in submission to the white devil – I mean boss. And every black man is a carbon copy of the others, because after all, “it’s tough to tell them apart.” Reading some of the text doesn’t make things any better: this “40% more performance” is a little bit lower of a deal than the 3/5’s Rule… and all this in the 21st century, where racial equality is a paragon we try to hold ourselves to.

Maximize the power of your employees, indeed.

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  1. You could be over-reacting. The ad could be an acknowledgement of the simple fact that Africans run better and faster.

    If you hadn’t put up a post about this, had I seen this ad in a newspaper/magazine, I wouldn’t even have paid so much attention to it.

  2. Yes, this ad is very racist. Stop and look at the ad, actually LOOK at it, just the picture. Now, what do you see?

    I see, not 6 black runners getting ready to run faster than ever, no I see 6 black men bowing to 1 white guy.

    Do you see it now?

    This is a very racist ad (unintentionally so, but still).

  3. I am African American, and this ad gets on my nerves because everyone assumes, if you are black, that you are just naturally good at sports. No one is just “naturally” good at anything. To be an athlete, no matter what race you are, or doctor or what ever profession, takes so much time, effort and practice. I think may people fail to see the hard that goes into anything. If everyone assumes that we are just good in sports, it leaves room for stereotypes that we are not as good in other areas. Come on people, it isn’t hard to do. Just THINK!

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