Puppy kicking

When you see this photo, I don’t want you to think about how I’m about to kick the puppy. No. There is something deeper, something very… very Sylar going on here.

I want you to notice that I’m still holding the leash and I am holding it taut. That this is puppy tether ball. And I’m pretty sure I’m winning.

Part one of three.

Thanks to Andrea for taking this wonderful picture.

To Joe

Dark sludge. They call you Joe, but I’d rather call you liquid portent of long nights and lines upon lines of code. They may call you friend, Joe,

but I know. Oh, I know. You only want me for my kidney.

Wow. $200 Wow.

So, through a series of events that I’m still not sure how it all happened, I managed to buy a like-new 9″x12″ Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet for only $200.

That’s a $270 savings.

Yeah. Wow.

You see, I was planning on picking up the 6″x8″ Intuos 3, and basically the cheapest price I found that for was $330, directly from Wacom’s site. Even froogle didn’t list anything lower than $270.

And now, I’ve got a tablet that’s physically larger than my monitor. I am sooooo geeking out over this.

The delicious:suite, and the longest month of my life

the delicious:suite spaceship. Illustrated by Ben Lawless

Wow. I guess I can actually talk about what I’ve been working on for the last year at BIG Images, now that we’re so close to our public beta release. That’s the funny thing about NDA’s… whenever somebody would ask me for detail about what I’ve been doing, I’d fumble about, hyperventilate and eventually pass out from the stress. True story.

And so, without further ado, the delicious:suite, and the delicious:designer. Yeah, they’re pretty much the same page, just with different background images, and will continue to be until the 25th (more on that later). I’m really happy, though, with how the page turned out, you know, in terms of the code I wrote for it (mmm… PHP + CSS, and check out that day ticker I wrote… T-minus 15 days indeed), the marketing copy (”Producing something worthwhile doesn’t need to be more difficult than helping a walrus move into a skyscraper.” Man, that’s good.), but also mostly for the illustrations. That spaceship’s pretty much the shiniest thing I’ve ever done. Something that’s also pretty amazing is that it’s a completely separate file from the rest of the site’s images. That’s right, transparent PNG at it’s best.

And so, the 25th is coming, and I’m pretty scared. This is the largest project I have ever been involved in. I mean, we’re launching the public beta of a design program in just over 2 weeks! And I’ve got a list of “to do’s” that is a mile long.

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