The BIG Images Newsletter, April 2007

Another month, another BIG Images newsletter, another group of illustrations, such as they are. Let’s kick this!

My article, which you’ve seen some previous example illustrations for. It was tough for me to think of the right imagery to convey “simple imagery.” At one point, I considered illustratiing a hand flipping the bird. That’d be pretty simple.

The illustration for Jon’s article, in which I used my mad single-point perspective skillz. Maximum pwnage. Also, I really like how the negative space creates a floor for the character. If I’m not too mistaken, that’s an example of gestalt imagery, more accurately, the principle of reification. Zing!

Ken’s illustration was the first one I completed. I just loved the concept, and when it came to helping edit the article, I went a little overboard. I think at one point I wrote in “I know that you’re tired after a long day at the trade show; your puny human limbs can’t possibly withstand that sort of pressure. I don’t know how you do it.” It was quickly edited back out by pretty much everyone… Anyhow, my initial idea for this was a little more over the top, as I’m sure you will agree.

All in all, another fun round of illustrations. Not quite as groundbreaking as last issue, but a little more unified.

Mourning for SpiderMan

Thursday, SpiderMan passed on. No, not the comic book character, but our mouse. This is a couple of months after his archnemesis, Doc Ock, our other mouse, was defeated in what we’re pretty certain was a supreme battle of good vs. evil.

It’s kinda hitting me harder than I thought it should. I guess I just have this feeling that we didn’t spend any time hanging out with him, really, you know, bringing him into our world. We tried that once, but the puppy tried to eat him.


I read something online that referenced wwii, and wondered why someone put an extra w in front of Wii. Once I realized they were, in fact, discussing the second world war I realized I wouldn’t find any information there on Super Paper Mario.

I kinda felt guilty when I navigated away from that page. You know, deep in my gut. Luckily for me, the internet rewards ADD.

Carrizo Plains Recap

To call this last weekend camping is definitely a stretch. It was fun, don’t get me wrong, but camping that involves a hot tub, swimming pool, and sleeping on the floor of a ranch house seems a little… I don’t know… pampered.

So, I’m here to announce that I’m still camping free since ’93.

I did get to go rattler tracking. However, because it was raining, they were all underground, and so we hiked, checked for the rattlers radio signals, then recorded the GPS coordinates. Rather, those more accustomed to this work did it, and I just enjoyed getting rained on.

The best part about the entire experience was the junkyard that was about a three minute walk from the ranch. There were two automobiles there from the ’30s and a very very old airplane that looked like it had crashed and broken into two parts. I loved climbing into the cockpit… it was all very surreal, just being in the middle of a rusting hulk in the rain on a hill in the middle of the plains.

The worst part was the fact I couldn’t sleep. I don’t know if I was too cold, totally congested, or just never comfortable on the mats I was on. A three-hour nap on Sunday cured me though.

All in all, a great trip. Again, not camping so much as “camping.”

The Carrizo Plains

Tonight and tomorrow, I’m going on a camping trip to the Carrizo Plains. Mind you, this is the first time I’ve gone camping in something like 14 years. I’m almost afraid the technology’s completely surpassed me.

I think it kinda odd that I’m so hell-bent on not looking like a total city slicker out there… Certain things can’t be helped. I have no boots, so my kick-ass New Balance’s are going to have to hold out. Also, I can’t find my swimming trunks, so I guess I’m going to have to improvise with my Frisbee shorts. So, basically, I’m going to be dressed for Frisbee, but not anywhere near playing it this afternoon.

Ah, I miss frisbee. Next week, I swear…

Zombie Attack

The latest BIG Images’ newsletter is pretty much done, except for my perennial illustrations. This is pretty unique, given that we’re usually scrambling around last minute to get the text just right. So, expect sometime next week to see the final illustrations, if I get around to it. Things are a little hairy around the shop, and we’re working on rolling out something pretty special in the months to come.

Something I did want to share with you, though, is the example illustrations for my article. Now, my article is about how to use and how not to use negative space.

The left is how NOT to do it. The right is how to do it. Without really going into it more here, you can check out my article.

What’s going on with me?

I walked out to my bike at the beginning of my lunch break, only to find my flash drive on the ground and my keys still in my bike lock. They had been sitting there for nearly 4 hours. Luckily people don’t typically walk around where I work, otherwise they’d have a new bike and flash drive.

During lunch, I found a bird had gotten trapped in our laundry room, flapping against the window trying to get out, even though there was an open doorway three feet behind it. I threw a towel over my hands and gently grabbed it. After I carried it a good five feet into open air and let it go, I realized something. I don’t think I’ve been more proud of anything I’ve done in the last week than that simple act.


So, whenever you’re about to save a file, or rather, whenever a system dialog box comes up, hold down the Apple key, and it’ll show you the key command for the options, so you never need to have your hands leave the keyboard again.

Just for those people who don’t like the mouse, but still like the Apple.