Fighting Spam on the Homefront

Frequent reader Andrea asked in a comment recently why there are comments on this blog that make no sense… Well, I suppose if you’re not running a blog on your own website (meaning, if you’re using Blogger, LiveJournal, Xanga, or whatever), you probably don’t often run into yet another scourge of the internet: blog spam.

Blog spam and email spam are essentially the same problem. Some malicious program out there figured out your address, and how to automatically send you links they hope you’ll click on. They typically do this by spouting either grandiose claims (“You are the rightful heir to an instant-microwaveable girl-on-girl viagra fortune off the coast of Idaho. SEND US MONEY!”) or complete gibberish (“Your copy of Windows XP is completely safe to use.”).

Luckily, my installation of WordPress came with a great spam-management application, called Akismet. At the time of this writing, Akismet has caught 6,032 spam comments. Sometimes, though, spam gets through. I try to deal with it as soon as possible, but I am but one man.

So, hope that answered your question. Good heavens, I… need… a martini.