Looking for Sumo Bikes in all the right places…

Introducing BIKE SUMO!!!
theshowdownRaise shields!gotchaAnd I shall chase you round Mutara’s nebula and round Perdition’s flame before I give you up….


And so, if you’re really interested in finding out WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON in these pictures, and why there were about fifty drunk people playing BIKE SUMO in our backyard… and why half of them are dressed as pirates:

Nicole knows more than I do… and these guys know even more, I swear.Geez. Time to go to bed.

Nothing Bad Ever Happens to Me

Danny Elfman’s dancing kinda reminds me of my spaztic craziness on the dance floor. And I hear that’s just how they danced in the 80s.

I think I’m going to have to pick up Dead Man’s Party on vinyl somewhere.

Those of you who aren’t tremendously in the know about Oingo Boingo, or Danny Elfman, here goes: Danny Elfman was the lead singer of Oingo Boingo. They had such hits in the 80s as Weird Science and Dead Man’s Party. After Boingo, Elfman went on to score every Tim Burton film ever produced, was the voice of Jack Skellington in A Nightmare Before Christmas and did the themes for Batman, The Simpsons, and a bunch of others.

It’s pretty cool. By the way, I roxored my MySpace page. Check it out.