Movement, A Play in Uncountable Parts

I really love the new place. That is a weird statement, given that I hated — hated — it the first day.

To begin with, I hadn’t seen it before I paid my first month’s rent. I knew that Nicole had housesat for the prior tenants (I’ll just call them the Jerks Who Left The Apartment A Horrific Mess, or the JWLTAAHM), and she said the place was nice. Knowing the Doc, our landlord, I’ve heard that she doesn’t really fix things. The burden is on you to get things done, and then she’ll take it off the rent. My greatest fear was that the JWLTAAHM would have taken advantage of the fact that Doc wasn’t going to check the apartment prior to them moving…

Well, I show up the first morning to quite a sight:

  • The bedroom had an interesting value-added feature, one where the window was replaced by empty space and giant shards of broken glass. What fun!
  • There were five other windows that were either boarded up, cracked, or also missing parts of glass. Gee golly willakers!
  • Let’s not forget the bleach stain and iron burn in the carpet. Somebody pinch me!

Although that isn’t an exhaustive list, you get the idea.

Time has gone on, though. Old wounds have healed, all the windows have been replaced, thanks to Doc, who fronted the bill. A clever arrangement of furniture covers up any carpet abnormalities. And it’s beginning to feel like home. What an odd thing, for in this time of great change and life flying by at breakneck speeds, I never thought I’d find home so easily.

And now, it’s been a long week and a half, and I’ve finally moved the last of my stuff from Jim’s. I’m sitting on his couch now, because there’s no Internet at home. And I know I will miss this place, Princeton manor. It has seen me through three years of exploding cars, women, floors and rooftops. I can only imagine what life will be like in this next year.

Laments of the educated.

So, today was my last class of my education at Cal Poly. Sure, I still have the Spring Banquet tonight and both of my finals on Tuesday, but I can’t help but feel like I’ve been blindsided with a ten foot pole. My Senior Project is done. Well, the first draft anyway, and I’m currently waiting for my advisor to bring it to me before I leave for work…

This last quarter has been the most action-packed three months of my life. My first trip to Magic Mountain, enduring a giant hole in my house where a dining room used to be, et cetera. It’s funny, though; Although this event, my graduation, is awfully similar to five years ago when I was finishing High School, moving 300 miles away and leaving everything I knew, there’s actually nothing similar about it. It’s the end of a five-year era in my life, for sure, and it’s the beginning of another one… but I’m going to still be in San Luis, I’m still going to be working at BIG Images, I’ll still have my freelancing stuff. I will be moving much closer to downtown, though, and I think I’ll have much more opportunity to get back into the open mic and local music “scenes.”

I’m also really excited about unveiling the new design I’ve been working on for Women’s Press, the newspaper for which I’m the layout designer. It’s been coming along well, and I want to kind of pitch an entire shift in the design, including possibly working on more dynamic photography and illustration work in it.

And so, I bet you I’ll still be busy as ever from here on out, just busy in more of the ways I want to be busy.