This charming life

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This entire week has gone ape-crap. I kid you not.

For those that don’t know: since the beginning of the year, I’ve been the design layout editor for a 16-page newspaper about women’s issues and stories, called Women’s Press. It is bi-monthly, has a run length of 6,000 copies, is written very well, is distributed everywhere from Santa Maria to Cayucos, and pays me pretty good for each issue, which excites me because I like to eat.

Well, the files for printing my second issue were due on Wednesday. Unfortunately, this week has been dead week, the week before finals when all things not finals-related are due. So, it’s been a little stressful, but working on the paper was far easier this time than it was for the first. This being said, there was still a huge problem with cutting deadlines right to the wire. In fact, I had to miss the final all UGS meeting for my internship this quarter. Visiting the offices later (because they happen to print the Women’s Press) with the files to print, I was informed that that night,

I was given the award for Trainee of the Quarter. And I wasn’t there to accept it.

Bittersweet victories run rampant these weeks, but I’m sure that quite soon, rest will be mine. Oh yes.

3 thoughts on “This charming life”

  1. Wonderful! I am happy and proud of you! Ape-crap seems to be daily fare here as well…and bittersweet victories having to do with a restraining order obtained by my place of employment.

  2. Been there. Done that.

    It is still wonderful to see that with all that is happening and finals you are recognized for paying attention to the detals and getting things done.

    I would love to see a copy of the Women’s Press you put together.

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