Saint Patrick’s Day of the Living Dead!

And so, I’ve been bedridden this last week, the foul work of one of the streptococcus strains (damn that strep!) but I’ve been alive. Barely.

I’ll tell you, the throat being on fire thing is pretty crazy. I’m looking forward to never having to deal with stuff like this soon… but honestly, I’ve been really lucky. I finished everything I needed to do for school on Monday, and Monday night is when I came down with my fever, getting all the way up to at least 101.7 at one point this week.

But I digress. Tomorrow, I’m going to go see V for Vendetta, the latest Wachowski Bros. film, and I’m a little perplexed. There have been a lot of differing opinions about this movie, as you can tell from the Metacritic review I just linked to. I guess I’m just glad that the brothers aren’t too scared to make another movie, given the general public’s disdain for the second and third movies of the Matrix trilogy. I liked em! But most others thought they sucked…. so… here’s hoping tomorrow gives me another movie I like. Maybe I’m just too easy to please, but that means I’ll most likely enjoy my time in the theater anyway.

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