Cool sketches and other art

I found that beauty whilst bumming around the Pant’s Press Sketchblog. Tasty stuff there. Makes me wish for more talent and time.

And then, also while procrastinating and not working on my senior project (arrggghhh), I’ve found thumbnails on Google Images of work done for a Farscape anime series, but when I try to click through, it’s a 404. Anybody know anything about the series?

Cause, dang. I just finished the last episode of season 3 this week, and I think I need some time to digest it.

The last post I will bemoan not yet having a laptop. I swear.

So, it’s not here yet. I called them, and they refunded my $30 for next day shipping, but not because they feel bad about me not feeding kittens… but rather because they finally figured they couldn’t do next day shipping from Shanghai (where they have been building it).

But, holy bloody eyes, Batman! It is now in Louisville, Kentucky, with an expected arrival date of Tuesday!!! COME ON HOME, MAMA!!!

Toshiba me red.

Before I start, Dean! Thank you so much for commenting! Shoot me your email at ben @ I’d love to catch up!

So, Toshiba has finally given me what (I hope) is their final date that I can expect the laptop on, which is next Tuesday. This is funny, seeing as how I should have had it today, according to one rep. Of course, according to their quote, which gave it eight to ten business days to assemble, and then next day delivery, I should have had it at the latest on this last Monday…

So… tomorrow I call them, and let them know that every day I am without a computer is another day I die inside. Maybe they’ll grow a heart.

We can print it!

It is unseasonally warm here in SLO.

Above are a series of posters I made for the on-campus printing company I’ve been interning with the last three quarters. I’m pretty proud of them, and they should be going up around campus at some point in the next two or three weeks.

So, I bought a new laptop, with a great deal of help from my brother and his wife, and my brother’s mom. I am so thankful for that… but I really can’t wait for Toshiba to actually send the derned thing. Hopefully, I’ll get it this week. Then I feel my life can begin again.