The rat gets its due

Jim has been hearing a rat above his head, in the attic, for the last two weeks. With a tear in his eye, he set a non-lethal trap with a savory, delectable pile of meat. And so, leaping through the air like kids running towards a Christmas morning, we found the little rodent peeking it’s furry nose at us from within our cage of love.

“Free, we’re going to set him FREE!” Jim yells, and the dogs follow us to the grassy knoll in front of Matt’s house. It was beautiful, as angels sang and the little guy made a mad dash for his freedom.

Ah, who am I kidding? The dogs tore into that little rat bastard. They rocked it’s socks off, and I have never had as much respect for the animal kingdom as I had today, seeing a dead rat we had to pull away four ravenous dogs from.

6 thoughts on “The rat gets its due”

  1. hahahahahahaha.

    *clears throught* oh man *chuckle*

    they were going to set him free then…
    *maniacal laughter begins afresh*

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