Klingon Fairy Tales

And so, what do I find, but Klingon Fairy Tales. I think my favorite is

“The Hare Foolishly Lowers His Guard and Is Devastated by the Tortoise, Whose Prowess in Battle Attracts Many Desirable Mates”

Looking around the same site, I found Ten Precepts from The Art of War that Never Made it Past Sun Tzu’s Editor which includes the great suggestion

All warfare is based on deception. When the enemy draws near to you, cry out, “Look out behind you.” When he turns to look behind him, attack.

Aiming for the top.

You know, I guess I’m easily amused. I like poop jokes, sometimes.

For example, there’s this sign in the men’s bathroom at Pacific Beverage. Over the toilet, it reads:

We aim to please.
You aim too, please.

After three weeks, it still cracks me up.

Misery turned to sunshine.

Finally, the first day I’ve been at Pacific Beverage, and haven’t wanted to kill myself on my way out the door… It’s been a really good day, which means

  • I kinda know what I’m doing.
  • The salesmen aren’t returning everything I do because it isn’t what they wanted. (Meaning, I’m learning about all the little things they don’t tell me they want on their banners.)
  • and I actually feel good. Isn’t that weird?

Still, though, I definitely have problems. Can’t get the car smogged until I get an inconsistent idle fixed, and that might be expensive. Can’t get the car regisitered until it’s smogged, and I’ve got a fix-it ticket that will be expensive unless I get it registered by the end of the month. I can’t sell the car to mom until it’s registered….

What a headache!

I’m looking forward to the weekend. Kristen’s meeting my folks for the first time and I’m stealing my sister to the Central Coast for a week. It sounds like the first time I’ll be able to take a deep breath for a long time.

You had me at “Khan!”

Speaking as someone who enjoys his media without dealing with problems such as… legality or whatnot, I found this article really interesting. It is a discussion of copyfighting for newbies, and brought to light a bunch of stuff I didn’t know.

There are so many times when I’m talking to Kristen, or anybody (but mostly Kristen), about my media collection habits, and she wonders why I get angry about certain things… You see, according to another site, Downhill Battle, services such as iTunes (among others) claim that they’re fair for artists, but the artists still get only 9-11 cents a song. That just seems a little wrong.

Alright, I’ll shutup now… but still.