A short rant

I want a job. Jobs are nice, because with one, I can be assured I will be able to eat for the rest of the summer. Sure, I’m working on the book for Jeanne, and it’s coming along, but I’m not getting paid on an hourly rate, rather I’m being paid for the actual project.

I sent a cover letter along with my resume to the Animal Science department at Cal Poly, because they had need of a graphic designer/writer for their Stock Report. I was pretty excited about this, but somehow now I’m trying to get a job working on the Animal Science website… which isn’t so bad, just not something that I was expecting. So far, they haven’t given me a date to do an interview with them. They keep on telling me “next week…” and next week I will have been waiting for three weeks to have an interview with them.

I think the worst part about it is that I’ve been waiting to see what my schedule will be like for this new job so that I can head home for a couple of days and not miss my chance for an interview. I’ve not been back in San Diego for almost 7 months, and it’s bugging me.

So… I just had to get that off of my chest.

I think… tomorrow… that I’m going to go to the Cal Poly career center and find another job to pursue.

To Dr. Thulin of the Animal Science department: as the Hippos once sang, “am I wasting my life waiting for you?”

2 thoughts on “A short rant”

  1. Just came across your website. To answer the question at the end of your posting, yea probably. Dr. Thulin, while a good person, is also perhaps the flakiest individual on the planet. Tracking him down even on important issues and getting him to make a decision on anything might be described as “tricky” at best. My advice is to look elsewhere where your considerable talents might be utilized and appreciated.

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