Just what in the hell is going on here?

  • I had a ticket for the first showing of Revenge of the Sith, Thursday morning, 12:01 am. Me, in my infinite wisdom, lost it. After three hours, no luck. So, my friends go on without me. Two days later, I find it under my keyboard, with the words Good for date adn showtime listed only firmly emblazoned on the back.

    But you know what? I didn’t care. It’s amazing how many things can go wrong in a week or two, and yet you just bounce off of it. It also gave me some time with Kristen, seeing as she hadn’t bought a ticket in time. So… it wasn’t so bad.

  • Saturday I was sponsored to be in a GrC alumni golf tournament. This meant that while all the alums had to pay something like $125 for a day of golf, a boxed lunch and a prime rib dinner at Madonna Inn, I got it for free, and got to hang out with cool people all day, catch up with Jason Kassel of Mark Andy at dinner, and drive around a golf cart for hours.

    Unfortunately, there is a price for such frivolity. My legs are sunburned for the first time since I was a wee lad. But that prime rib was succulent. Mmmm.

  • Today we filmed a commercial for a UGS marketing project we’ll unveil in it’s entirety fall quarter. I’ve been working on this all quarter, and I hope everyone else finds some of the stuff we’ve been doing as funny as I do.
  • Well, that’s pretty much it, right now. I need to go to sleep.

3 thoughts on “Just what in the hell is going on here?”

  1. NOT A DORK!!! Just organizational skills-impaired (sigh, most likely my fault).
    ‘S ok…it seems everyone else saw the movie before I did.

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