The future of rock… in 1985.

I recently downloaded The End is Here which is a recording of Five Iron Frenzy’s final show in Colorado back in late 2003. The download came in at an average of 350 kbps, which is freakin’ unbelievable. This meant that the 100 mg file came in at about six and a half minutes. My hair stood straight back and my eyebrows were singed. It was that amazing.

But what’s truly incredible is the show itself. Just listening to it, particularly around the end, as they start to sing “Every New Day” and you know it’s the last time they ever were to sing that song… I almost started crying. Not to mention when they broke out into Amazing Grace at the end…


Darth Vader is just, you know, one of the guys.

So, Red alerted me to Darth Vader’s blog and I’m definitely geeking out over it. My favorite part about it is the comments left by readers. Here’s my favorite from the last post:

Mr. Vader,
We at the Internal Revenue Service have had our eyes on you for quite some time. We have watched you crush people with a lack of mercy that would stun a cold fish, we have watched you destroy entire fleets on a whim, we have watched you pay less than acceptable taxes…

We in the I.R.S. firmly believe in intimidation, destructive whims, and the execution of lesser officers round the clock.

And so we have decided that you are more than qualified to accept a position in our administration. The job would be management, with several people under you whose tracheas you could crush. It would require almost no real work and frightening other people to give you their lifes’ savings.
Like we said, you’re over qualified, our one question is, will you take the job, or do we have to send some people over there to, “convince you”?

The Internal Revenue Service: we want your money!

To which Darth Vader responds:

Dear IRS,

I understand that your offices are located in the distant Sol System, which I believe has been scheduled for demolition.

I’ll see you in Hell.


D. Vader

C’mon. Isn’t that awesome?!?!

Sometimes I feel the heat of the flames, the cruel tang of battery acid and rubber tires stinging the inside of my nostrils. Sometimes I feel the hair of two dogs under my arms, trying desperately to leap out of my control to establish their control elsewhere because they’re scared of 65 mph bright lights in darkness, a dusk in Anaheim on fire. Sometimes I feel utterly alone in entropy, staring at the wreckage of my car.

And then I wake up and realize that was months ago.

Last week, I got eaten alive by a mosquito. I had two bites on my lip, one on my side, one on my neck, one on my forehead, one on my thigh. The two on my lip were the worst; my lips were numb and swelled up to a size that made me very much not want to go to school, particularly because it happened the morning of the first day of two that I was going to be high-profile: giving tours of the GrC department and the Screen Printing lab.

Going to the health center on Friday afternoon was nice, particularly with the doctor saying “You just need to learn to not be so delicious!” Ahhhh, taste me, I’m delicious! But they gave me Allegra, which has helped.

Giving tours of the screen printing lab all day during Open House was fun, but tiring. I swear, I must have given the same spiel maybe 30-40 times. My throat was definitely hoarse by the end of it.

The best part about it, though, was when I was showing the light table we image screens on to a seven year old, and he looked at me and said “What if you were to look straight into the lightbulb when it goes off?”

I look at him, and I say in my most menacing voice: “Your eyes would liquifyyyyeeeee. It would be like a science experiment gone wrong.”

I miss telling the youth a bunch of untruth. Particularly teasing my little sister. Definitely miss that.

Hallelujah!!! The car started!!! IT’S ALIVE!!!!


all the problems it used to have are still there, such as not going above 15 mph when I really want it to, which is all the time.


A new quarter begins. This one will be pretty neat, methinks. I walked into my ES X335 class with wonder: it felt like High School again, but with a filipino Mr. Lunsford. “The Filipino/a American Experience” is a seminar oriented, not lecture oriented class, and boy does it feel like sitting down back at Morse, in a very good way.

I’m only taking 13 units this quarter, so it seems like it’ll be a bit easier than of late. This seems like a good quarter to get into two different internships. I’ve already started my first quarter at UGS, the on-campus printing company run entirely by students, and I’m really excited to get an interview pretty soon with Big Images, a wide format printer on Broad St. run by the guy who used to live in my room. If I get the internship, it’ll make my day. The guy told Jim he’s looking for somebody to learn the ropes so they can eventually be an actual employee. If all goes well, I’ll be able to stay in the area after graduation next year, and that sounds swell!