I think the greatest thing I could learn at this moment regarding art is to let it go.

Today, I made chalk drawings on the ground outside the lab with the kids. I really wish I could keep some of my drawings. One, my first, is of a dragon breathing fire onto a castle, and a knight rushing out to vanquish it. And then there’s my robot on treaded wheels saying “SPACE ROBOT!!!” (That one is my personal favorite. One of the kids told me what the robot would say. She also did this strange robot dance. I tried doing my own robot dance… namely, the robot, and she told me I was doing it all wrong. Sheesh, kids.)

And so, there’s really no way for me to scrape my drawings off the pavement and take them home with me. So, I learn that perhaps not everything I do under the sun is fantastic, or worthy of keeping.

Too bad. I should draw in chalk more often.