A couple of years ago, I watched a man setting up an exhibit in an art gallery. This was no ordinary exhibit… it was a series of rocks piled impossibly upon each other, giant rocks balancing perfectly on mere pebbles and vice versa.

I asked him how he got the skill to set up all these rocks, with nothing but his bare hands.

He told me “Everything in this world follows Newton’s Laws. A moving object will continue to move unless acted upon by an outside force, and the same goes for a still object. I just wait for the rocks to be still.”

Tonight, I watched the shine of lightning on clouds to the northwest of town. I had been in the art lab from 10 pm to midnight… certainly earlier times than I usually keep in there, but it was good because I’m already halfway done with this project, which is due Monday. It might mean I actually have a weekend. At least it’ll mean enough time to shoot the film.

So, I continued to watch the sky, and even though I had to get a drink of water, I stayed outside, stilling everything around and in me just so I could experience the one thing that is constantly being acted upon during it’s short life: a lightning bolt.

May I find more moments of stillness. May I find faith in those moments.